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rhythms on a flaming drum

My new novel, rhythms on a flaming drum, is now available from Pisgah Press.

Caitlin Schmidt didn’t set out to be an enemy of the State in an America more repressive than our own. Activism found her. She just happened to be there when a reluctant hero of the Great Memphis Quake rekindled a spirit of resistance that had previously gotten her into trouble. Years later, when she rediscovers Xan, her timing for a romance could have been better. She and other members of the Digger underground are engaged against a corporate polluter. But opposition to free market expediency is defined as terrorism and the secret police of the Integrated Security Authority are ruthless.

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Revisioning the Body Politic

The worldwide eruption of mass grassroots movements suggests that it may be time to rethink the relationship between ourselves and the culture, government and other organizations of which we're a part. Read the essay



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