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Asheville Citizen-Times, September 18, 2008

“I wonder how many times you have to be hit on the head before you find out who's hitting you? It's about time that the people of America realized what the Republicans have been doing to them.” Harry Truman

The RNC video biography of Alaskan Governor Palin Governor Palin's "moose," from RNC video should reassure Republicans. The "moose" Palin is shown with is actually a caribou. That's a maverick for you. Shades of hunting bin Laden and bagging Saddam.

Vice President Cheney must be bustin’ his buttons over this fine new example of bad eyesight and ongoing disregard for facts on the ground.

Did Sarah and her dad, in classic GOP style, get away with a major hunting boo-boo? Or was the Republican Party not going to let details mess up some good old fashioned scratch-and-spit storytelling? Killing a moose sounds so much more macho than plugging a member of Santa's sled team.

I only hope Alaska Fish and Game didn’t watch the video. They might have to pull the governor’s hunting license.Alaskan moose, photo Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game



For the benefit of other Republicans with guns, this is a moose.


Caribou, photo by Dean Biggins



This is a caribou, aka reindeer.



Palin's fudging of the facts might be kind of funny if it were an isolated incident. But that’s not the case.

Despite clear documentation of Palin’s successful record of lusting after earmarks for Wasilla, she continues to run as an opponent of pork barrel spending. She says she told the feds “No thanks” about the infamous Bridge to Nowhere—but fails to mention either that she kept the money or had been a bridge supporter until Congress rebelled against it.

She brags that she put the state jet on E-bay, but neglects to mention that it didn’t sell. Her running mate went so far as claiming the sale was at a profit for the state. That’s a flat lie. Alaska lost at least $600,000 on the deal.

Palin says she fired the former governor’s chef. Turns out that reassigned is more like it. Chef Stefani Marnon was first moved to “constituent relations” then back to chefing for the Alaska State Legislative Lounge. All on the state payroll.

Palin’s touted fiscal conservatism doesn’t prevent her from charging the state a per diem for the 312 nights she’s spent at home in Wasilla since her election as governor nineteen months ago. Not a lot going on down in Juneau, you know. Palin also bills Alaskans for family travel on trips she construes as state business.

Finally, we have the continuing assertions of Palin’s military/foreign policy experience based commanding the Alaska National Guard (ANG) and Alaska’s location adjacent to Russia. McCain is able to deliver these ludicrous comments with a straight face.

On Sept. 7, 2008, Palin did finally make a notable ANG command decision. She promoted ANG Major General Craig Campbell to Lieutenant General. This after he appeared on Fox News to praise the great job she does in running the Guard. In earlier interviews, Campbell had rained on Palin's parade with a more measured assessment of the governor's role.

What we're learning about Governor Palin is that she may be an even more shameless propogator of false perceptions than the Bush administration. Bush et al take pains to spare our sensibilities by classifying their dirty laundry top secret.

Palin has no such qualms. There she is with her “moose.” There she is at the pork barrel trough. She’s betting that a majority of the electorate doesn’t care. Fond belief will trump fact. Conservative Christianity will still smile on a God-fearing con artist and avail itself of the most transparent of excuses to believe in her illusions.

Her strategy is in perfect keeping with McCain campaign manager Rick Davis's statement that “This election is not about issues. This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates.” By “composite view” Davis says he means values.

Davis hopes one such value is not straight forward truth-telling. Still, Palin’s moral code may be—slightly—more stringent than Senator McCain’s. She likes to stop a hair short of the bald-faced lie.

—Michael Hopping
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